Weather in Koh Tao

”How’s the weather in month x” is understandably one of questions we most often get, since who wouldn’t want to have the best possible atmospheric conditions during their well-deserved holiday! Luckily, we have the 100% accurate answer to this question:

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Internship in Thailand, Koh Tao

Internship at KTD – Learning new skills

It was rainy October in 2017 and I was browsing the internet trying to find a place to do my last internship for my Hospitality Management studies. My interests about Hotel and Restaurant Services are varied, so I didn’t see myself doing my internship in restaurant or hotel reception. I need something new, different and maybe a bit exotic.

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Life after Open Water Course

Congratulations, you have just completed the most important dive course of your life and the entire ocean is open for you! You probably feel excited and maybe bit overwhelmed with all the options you have. How to get the best out of your new dive certification?

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Plastic sucks! - Our guide how to make a difference

It is generally well known, that we earthlings have a huge problem in our hands. Approximately 8 million tons of plastic waste end up in to the ocean every year killing birds, marine life and poisoning the earths water resources. Since most of the plastic is non-biodegradable it will slowly break into micro plastics that find their way back to our plates and even drinking water. If we continue this way there will be more plastic than fish in our Oceans by 2050.

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Get refreshed!

Let’s say it’s been a while, maybe a year or three, since you last were on a diving holiday. Do new conditions make you nervous? Do you feel confident in doing the kind of diving you’re certified to do? Do you remember how to clear your mask? What about emergency skills like sharing air and ascending while sharing air?

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