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Teknisk Dykutbildning

Vårt rutinerade team har vad som krävs, oavsett om du försöker göra en deco-dykning i sidomontering, backmontering eller på rebreather.
Livet börjar vid 45m, Get some deco

Technical Open Circuit Courses

Closed Circuit Rebreather training on sidemount and backmount from TDI and PADI up to trimix 100m. Open circuit technical dive courses from SSI. 

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Tec expeditions and CCR courses
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SF2 eCCR units Thailand and Malta
I've been to many Dive Centers around the world and I must really say that Koh Tao Divers and Koh Tao Tec Divers is one of the best. Diving in Koh Tao is always a great experience, despite the weather now but there is always something to see. Well, I went to the Dive Center on the last day of my previous visit to enquire about technical diving and the formalities. I was uncertain as technical diving in Koh Tao is part of a nich market and not everyone knows about it. However after speaking to Ivan, I felt confident enough to give it a try. Ivan was a patient yet resourceful and knowledgeable Tech. Instructor, and he was extremely accommodating to my schedule. He goes out of his way to perform well and puts in a lot of effort to make me understand and make my training as enjoyable as possible. What followed was an intensive, challenging, and very enjoyable 5 day training undertaking my courses. I am proud to say now that I am a Sidemount, Deep, Independent and Nitrox Diver. What was also so wonderful was the way the staff in Koh Tao Divers (Jenny) looked after the process of logistics, dive plans and made sure everything runs smoothly. She was always smiling and ready to help. Thank you very much guys for this incredible experience . See you during my next course SSI Extended Range and my actual Technical Diving.
Jeremy Asher

Closed Circuit Courses (Rebreather) training on sidemount and backmount

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